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How to design, how to create, how to take your time with your coffee cup and finally Iteration


Sun 29 Dec 2019 17:43

You’ve got up from your bed and strangely feel damn creative. You feel the need to create, to design, to make something interesting. Dunno what. And you are damn restless to start just anything. Take a moment. Grab your coffee cup. When you give yourself time, the unusual patterns in your mind start to group together and things suddenly start to make sense. Even this will. How much ever chaotic it may sound right now. Trust me. Following is a method of how to design, essentially a 5 stage process of how to design or create anything. It should be rather simple to follow this as it is extremely intuitive. It involves – Understanding the Why, The That, How to Create, How to take your time to starting the process and finally Iteration.

Not convinced. Read on!

How to design is a rather interesting question for people who aren’t a part of the design fraternity. For people who are, its like breathing. Most designers have their own peculiar step by step process of how to design. Some think out of the box and do not worry about how to design.

Step 1 - Figure out the WHY??

Well, to start anything you need to know the WHY. The WHAT will follow. So, WHY do you want to make something. Is there a problem you need to solve? Do you need to make a framework for a system? Do you need to create product that will change the way an industry works? Do you want to make an artwork, a sculpture? Every process has a WHY, find it. Again grab your coffee cup and take another sip.

Whatever may it be, it is important to know the Why to move to Step 2. Note it down in big fonts on your diary, while you sip from your coffee cup.

Step 2 – Now figure out the What.

Once you are clear about the Why, What, is the obvious next step. In most cases, What would mean the output of the Why. This essentially means, that in a way you are starting from the output in mind. This is true and relevant for even cases where art is the only result you want. Try writing in your notebook the various outputs you would like to have based upon the WHY. Choose the best out of them. Work on it.

Step 3 – How to Create or How to Design

You do not need to be told how to create. We are all born creators. How to create is a part of us, as human beings. Now that you have figured out the reason of why you wish to create something and your chosen method is in front of you, think of How to Create. How to create talks about the detailed process for the WHAT. You will need to do some research to know how to create. It could be Youtube, an online academy like Udemy, or even books. How to Create is as important as What and Why to create, because if you do not know how to create the rest of the processes will not make any sense. Again grab your coffee cup and take another sip.

Step 4- Take Your Time.

Start as soon as you can. But don’t stress. Take your time to Think, sketch, eat something, have another cuppa coffee, sketch, sketch more. Take your time so that you Give thinking as much time as you feel needed. Don’t rush. Your intent should be to get your first prototype up and ready. So, just relax and take your time.

Step 5 – Iteration

Once your prototype is up, look at it with a fresh mind. Iteration is the process where you rethink about a prototype and improve. Iteration is an ongoing process till you find what you are looking for. You can also get in friends or family to have a look at it and ask them what they think. Take their feedback and see if any of them makes your product better. Note down the results from this iteration and modify if need be. Repeat iteration till you are happy and so is a majority of the audience. You might need several sips from your coffee cup while your are in the process of iteration.

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