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Upload your favourite home inspiration pictures

You may have seen a product which you would like to have in your home or an interior design idea which you want to emulate. Whether the product is clicked on your phone or downloaded from Pinterest, you can upload the picture on Creatalog. Collect your favourite interior design ideas all in one place. Use these pictures to purchase products when you wish

Purchase products you see in pictures

Once you have decided on a product you want for your home, you perhaps would like to connect with vendors from whom you can purchase the same. Log in and let Creatalog help you reach them. Compare quotes, make your decision and live your dream! You can also go on Creatalog's gallery and search for products you'd like to have in your home.

While you are busy picking the best home products, let us help you with layouts and details

Creatalog designs practically for Free, so that space planning and designing interiors are the last things on your mind while planning your home interior project. Rely on an Interior Designer who will work meticulously in the backend to ensure a hassle free project.

Collaborate with us to redesign your existing furniture and make them new

Have an unused and old furniture piece? You love it and do not wish to dispose of it, but you want a changed look? Come collaborate with us and let us give it a new life.

Renovate your home

Executing a home renovation or a home interior project is a challenging task. You are worried about design, cost, time and quality. Creatalog executes. Get the best rates in your town. Highly subsidised design rates and Quotes from 5 contractors in your area to pick from comes as a part of the pre execution deliverables from Creatalog. Save at least 15% of your project cost with Creatalog. Thats a promise. Top it with Creatalog's timely execution and 3 years warranty on all products.

Have trouble with your home project - Call us

Getting your home interior work done, but have come across a stumbling block? Dont know how to get past it? Ask us. Whether technical or legal, we are at your disposal. We will do whatever we can to help you out. Call us for Free.

The Creatalog Android App is super

For anyone wanting to design and renovate their own homes themselves, our App gives you immense power. Design, Read, Compare cost, find vendors, Get social, Build a community - all in one place. Become an Interior Designer yourself.

Read Blogs

There is no better fun in Home Design than in Doing It Yourself. Read informative Blogs on Home Interior and decoration for home. Find great interior design ideas and build the most wonderful pieces all by yourself bit - by - bit. Become your own Home Designer.

How It Works

Step 1

Upload your home inspiration pictures.

Step 2

Open the picture and use your fingertips to select the product you wish to purchase.

Step 3

Add details of the product you wish to purchase. Eg - size, finish etc and Press 'Tag'.

Step 4

Wait for vendors nearby to send you their quotes for the product you wish to purchase.

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